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Tinkering with Music through Technology

Cassie Coss, Sarah Dodge, Davina Miaw, Julia Picchiottino, Erica Unroe, & Jesse Rathgeber

Description: What types of music learning and making can technology mediate? Come explore answers to this question in this interactive and discussion-based session. You will see example projects that use affordable technologies which encourage inclusive and interdisciplinary student thinking, learning, and making through the use of microcontrollers and coding. You will engage with student technology-based projects and have chances to look under-the-hood as you create your own technology-mediated products. We hope you will leave feeling capable of engaging playfully with students to create projects using technology. To help with this, we offer a wealth of resources including examples, tutorials, and adaptations.

This session is primarily exploration-based. Throughout your engagement with the tools at hand and through our personal narratives, we encourage you to consider the following guiding questions:


  • What types of music learning and making can technology mediate?


  • What are instruments? How does (and always has) technology impact instrument design and functionality?

  • How might tinkering through technology provide students interdisciplinary opportunities to learn?

  • How might engagements through technology provide spaces for collaborative inquiry?

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