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What ways of being musical are valued by the students with whom we work, the communities in which we work, and the larger society we inhabit? How might these values manifest in music learning spaces? What roles might technology and media play in empowering music learners and facilitators to engaged in culturally valued musicking. How might technology, media, and progressive education practices empower music learners and facilitators to co-construct new forms of musicking?


In this participant-led session, we will discuss these and more. We will consider multiple and varied possible pathways ahead for music learning in contemporary music learning spaces by asking “what if.” With a focus on re-envisioning and reframing music education, we will explore possibilities and develop plans to turn our ideas into praxis. Come to share your ideas; come to explore new horizons of music education; and come to collaboratively plan ways ahead for music ed. 


Download a pdf file of the keynote slides here


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